Client access


Hall and Reception visits

The choice of location where many of the evening’s magical moments will happen is very important: your reception supper, dance, performances, and toast and speeches from all of those who are close to you.

The choice of any location will greatly impact the overall budget as well as the custom design of your wedding.  We accompany you in your venue selection and guide you throughout the process, ensuring you that your limitations and choices are respected.

We are there to accompany you and explain what goes on behind the scenes at your event, with an understanding of what is necessary to accomplish the spectacular results you desire.

Creativity and theme development:

Every wedding has its own theme and colour scheme. The impact of your choice of style and colour creates an ambiance or feeling that is then present throughout the ceremony, reception, pictures and even in your memories.

The dream and vision you have comes to life when planning the colours and decor.  We are available to help you through this process to create the image you have dreamed of.

Our creativity and originality considers your budget throughout each step, all the while remembering to consider the actual physical limitations of the location.

We work with current trends, your time and your budget.  Our originality helps us create a magical decor with our suppliers, chosen specifically to meet you needs and expectations.

Floral decor

Floral decor is an art form and along with your theme can be worked into your venue.  We take on the task of guiding you to build your decor with the appropriate specialists that come to your venue with tangible examples of the decor to help you visualise your wedding and remove all of the stress while they create and produce your wedding as you have already established it with them.

Colour selection (linens, chair covers, overlays, draping, lighting)

With your budget in mind, we can propose many possible vendors that are willing to come to your venue with an impressive selection of samples to accommodate you and help with your choices.

The options are infinite.  We are able to accommodate you and your budget, all the while offering you our reduced pricing and supervising installation for you.

Vendor selection and management

In a market where you are a one time client, we are there to guide you through the process.  MC’s, musicians, photographers and many other vendors are available to offer you quality services.

We are there to reassure you and confirm that our suppliers are able to offer you an impeccable product or service that they have proven to us through time.  All the while confirming market prices, experience and services rendered.

We are available to manage the suppliers you have chosen.  Our services ensure you that, the day of the wedding, you are receiving the product or service that you have been promised.

File and contract management

(quotes, contracts, deposits, permit acquisition)

All of the necessary procedures for your wedding ensure the best possible service rendered. All of this while respecting your time restraints and schedule, your intentions with every category implied in your wedding. 


(deliveries, day of, limousines, etc…)

The peace of mind and balance that comes with a well-built schedule is an important aspect of your wedding. We take note of all of the important aspects that we must ensure as part of your day. This becomes our specialty. 

Turn Key service includes the day of your wedding

After all of the hours invested in the development of themes, colour, suppliers, menus, etc…, we are the first ones in and the last ones out on the day of your wedding.

Our specialty is to respect you budget while helping you achieve your wedding and respecting your limitations.  Our intimate involvement in your planning along with the optimisation of your budget and schedules, result in the build up to you the day of your event, where our presence guides, reassures, manages and delivers to you the wedding day of your dreams. 

Peace of mind

Throughout the process and all of our services, let us take care of you.  Let us have the privilege of guiding you though the meetings with suppliers, service reservations and deliveries. Our service includes a peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are there to accommodate you and meet your needs…

Day of:

Installation and reception of rentals, decor and management of delivery schedules.

Management of floral deliveries, hair stylists, media (photo and video).  Entertainment management (musicians, dancers, disc jockey, etc…)

Every supplier is dedicated to the accomplishment of offering an impeccable service on the day of your wedding. This results from  out of sight management that is done from a distance on our part. This ensures our non-invasive control, and a supervision of everything going on the day of your wedding.  The suppliers let us know of their arrivals and departures, to maintain the schedule, respect your intimacy as well as your intentions and your preferences that have been established throughout the planning of your wedding.

All of this is done from a distance at the venue during the day and throughout the evening of your magical event.

At your event, we will always be the first ones in and the last ones out.

Ceremony preparation

Your venue is a big part of your magical event, but we are there to guide you through the ceremony as permitted.  Whether you are having a religious or a civil celebration, we take on the role that is available to us and accompany you throughout the preparations of your ceremony.

While choosing locations, decorations, artists or any other person involved, we accompany you and manage the ceremony as requested all while respecting the limitations that are imposed by the officiate.

Special attention to special needs

Your day includes those who are close to you.

We take on the responsibility of overseeing the accommodations of those with special needs at your wedding, as if we were receiving them in your place. This includes an attention to each one of your guests, while considering dietary restrictions, restrictions in mobility and many small details that can help them throughout the evening.  All of this is done with tact and discretion, while respecting the civil laws and regulations established for all.

We do our best to provide help and accommodate new mothers, children, persons with health problems and anyone in need on the day of your event.